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Genetics Journals

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Bibliographies on specific topics

  • Bibliography on Linkage Disequilibrium Analyses: Collection of more than one thousand references of articles about linkage disequilibrium published since 1918 - http://www.nslij-genetics.org/ld/

Related Information

  • Instructions to Authors in the Health Sciences: These pages provide links to Web sites which provide instructions to authors for over 3,500 journals in the health and life sciences. All links are to "primary sources" - that is, to publishers and organizations with editorial responsibilities for the titles. - http://mulford.mco.edu/instr/
  • ISI Web of Knowledge (Impact Factors, Citations...): It includes ISI Web of Science; ISI Proceedings; Journal Citation Reports; Current Contents Connect, covering journals and web content; Derwent Innovations Index and many others. This platform provides a unique way of searching, including the ability to cross-search the content of multiple products and external resources simultaneously. - http://wos.mimas.ac.uk/

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