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Hardy-Weinberg calculatorSequence tools

Sequence tools

Sequence tools - enter sequence in upper box, then click appropriate button to see result in lower box.
Non-sequence characters are converted to N (including numbers) - you can use "clean sequence", then "copy result as new sequence" if your sequence contains spaces, numbers or non-standard characters.

  • Reverse - eg AGCCT to TCCGA
  • Complement - eg AGCCT to TCGGA (may be slow with long sequences)
  • Reverse complement - eg AGCCT to AGGCT (may be slow with long sequences)
  • Content analysis - gives base counts and %GC
  • Clean sequence - removes spaces, numbers and non-standard characters - use with caution if your sequence contains anything other than A, G, C, T, a, g, c, t (can handle some IUB codes). Creates lines of 80 nucleotides.

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